Tugba is passionate about working closely with creative founders, business owners and young talent to make their vision become a reality. She believes that creativity flourishes in environments where people are enabled via financial and operational support, mentored throughout their creative journey and given a global perspective via networks and innovation. She has accompanied several high-potential early-stage start-ups through exceptional growth. Often working as a strategic operating partner, she aims to accelerate businesses by focusing on building the necessary infrastructure for organizations to achieve their goals.

Having lived and worked in the various cultures of Asia, Europe and the USA, Tugba loves to look at community over differences. She is committed to building an ecosystem of creative entrepreneurs around the values of Bidayat.

Experience: Dr. Barbara Sturm, Frame, Good American, Kyra Entertainment, Wednesday Agency, Saturday Group, Li & Fung Limited, Fung Capital Europe, Hardy Amies London, Calmia