With a strong background in human resources, Marco believes that a company's worth is also defined by ‎its culture and people; human capital underpins the commercial value. In a similar way, Marco's career is ‎also balanced by experiences in senior management and organizational operations.‎

Marco is therefore able to provide strategic insights to international brands, whether they are at the ‎beginning of their journey, or in case they need to course-correct. Areas of expertise include business ‎planning, go-to-market strategy, company reorganization, collection development and retail operations. ‎

As a Senior Advisor to Bidayat, Marco is committed to developing and structuring organizations so creative ‎talent can flourish internationally within a contemporary and responsible framework.‎

Experience: Mayhoola Group, Pal Zileri, GEOX, Bottega Veneta, Gucci Group, Gruppo Pam S.p.a., ‎Datalogic S.p.a.‎